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Adrian Delia criticises those who air internal discussions in public

Nationalist Party Leader, Adrian Delia, was the only person besides Pierre Portelli, to speak out after the meeting of the Party’s Executive on Monday evening and stated that he is to make proposals to the Parliamentary Group for the way forward. He criticised those who aired publicly the internal discussions that had taken place at the last Executive meeting.

As he was leaving the PN’s Dar Ċentrali he found a group of his supporters awaiting him. He confirmed that during the meeting there had been no calls for his resignation and neither did he have to request a vote of confidence.

The PN Leader said he had made various proposals for the way forward and these will be presented to the Parliamentary Group. He said the proposals are constructive to include youths, the members of Parliament as well as civil society. He said some he has already aired in public, such as a national convention. He said in all there are ten proposals and there could be more. He said during the meeting some ideas had been expressed that he liked and these may be taken on board as part of the plan forward.

Asked whether he was facing an ultimatum by the Parliamentary Group, Dr Delia maintained he expects a serious and open discussion.

He said on his part there is no ultimatum and his wish is that more persons are involved in the discussions. He did not know if there was any intention by others to call for a vote. He said in his belief it is not a matter of a vote but a matter of holding a free and open discussion because the PN has to implement many changes to be able to present itself to the electorate.

Meanwhile he criticised those who were leaking information on internal discussions. He said he does not feel comfortable and it is not ethical to discuss Parliamentary Group matters openly. Those who are airing information details are mistaken.

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