Adrian Delia has confirmed that the PN has lost its way – PM

During another political activity in Fgura late Wednesday night, the Prime Minister referred to his recent debate with the Leader of the Opposition saying that throughout Adrian Delia had confirmed that the Nationalist Party had lost its way.

Inter alia, the Prime Minister said that the Leader of the Nationalist Party had directly contradicted European ideals when stating that the country was inundated with foreigners because one of the four cardinal EU principles was the free movement of persons and in Malta seven out of ten foreigners are indeed European.

Dr Muscat said that it was nothing short of incredible that in answer to his (the Prime Minister’s) assertion that there were still many roads that needed fixing, the Leader of the Opposition had asked where these were and had gone on to criticise (the Prime Minister for throwing money away on road repairs.

The Labor Party Leader said that according to Dr. Delia, the government should not fix the roads to deter people from buying more cars. The Prime Minister went on to add that a study carried out by the economist Gordon Cordina showed that the ongoing road projects would reduce pollution emissions and would save people up to five million hours worth in traffic and 24 million euros worth of fuel.

The Prime Minister said that the government had already incentivised the use of public transport by providing free transport to students and youths. He said that in future public transport would be free for everyone and that that the Government would start paying those who use it.

He also referred to an e-sport strategy and said that the idea was for this industry to generate 1 percent of wealth and to create 3,000 jobs in the next decade. He said that for as long as the Labour Party are in Government there would be employment and work because this was a working movement.

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