Adrian Delia says the vote of Councillors is between maintaining the past or looking to the future

This evening has seen the start of an Extraordinary General Council meeting of the Nationalist Party with Councillors voting to decide whether Party card-member holders should vote their faith in the PN Party Leader, Dr Adrian Delia, or whether an election should be held to choose a new Party Leader. Voting will close tomorrow at 6 pm.

In a speech at the opening of the meeting, Dr Adrian Delia said the votes to be cast by Councillors is a choice between a PN of the past or a Party that is now offering hope.

The Party Leader said that three years ago Party members and card-holders had chosen him to effect changes in the PN and he had never anticipated that genuine efforts to affect these changes would meet with such resistance.

He said that carrying out necessary reforms and changes are not easy and followers have to understand that such changes are in the interest of the PN. Dr Delia said that despite all the obstacles that he has had to face, he has sacrificed everything, including his professional career and his family but he had never given up and explained that the road to changes will always finish to be a winner.

The PN Leader said that a few days before the Party’s Executive had decided to proceed with this vote, there was to be announcement of 22 new candidates for a forthcoming General Election. However, all had to come to a halt because a group of MPs had tried to remove the Leader but this had not been Constitutionally approved and the Party’s statute had been chosen.

Dr Delia said he is determined to carry out the Mandate he has been given because he believes that the will of the majority should be respected. He described the current situation as being the crossroads of the PN and as to whether this should serve the many and not the few.

He said that those who had left the Party before 2013 do not want to return to the same PN format but wanted a Party that reforms and respects its followers. He said the vote to be taken is not in his regard but whether the Councillors wanted to maintain the PN of the past or a PN that belongs to the people.

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