Adrian Delia says he is still Leader of the Opposition and of the PN

The Leader of the Opposition and the Nationalist Party, Adrian Delia said that he is still occupying both roles.

“There was news in the media that there is a new Opposition leader, and the name of Hon Therese Comodini Cachia was mentioned. I give her my regards. However, it is not true because the Opposition Leader today is still Adrian Delia because I am still the leader of the Nationalist Party.”

In a message late on Thursday evening on the Nationalist party media, Dr Delia said that during a meeting he had with President George Vella, the Head of State informed him that a process has begun in which he is sending for each Member of Parliament to see whether it is true that 17 MPs no longer have confidence in him.

This was after MPs Chris Said and Claudette Buttigieg went to the President where it was reported that on behalf of the majority of the Nationalist MPs they informed him they would be nominating Dr Therese Comodini Cachia to be Opposition Leader instead of Dr Delia, who on Tuesday lost a confidence vote.

Despite this, Dr Delia said that he has informed the President that he had decided to honour the mandate entrusted to him by the card-carrying members of the party as Leader of the PN.  Dr Delia remarked that the PN statute stipulates that whoever is the Leader of the Party is also the Leader of the Opposition.

“Everyone needs to shoulder their responsibility. Every MP who meets with the President needs to decide if he wants to remove the Opposition Leader or not. Every MP needs to understand that if the Opposition Leader is removed this in itself still means that it is the Leader of the party who has to be the Leader of the Opposition.” 

Dr Delia said that he will remain loyal to the card-carrying members (tesserati) and said he was convinced that those whom he described as true Nationalists will remain behind the party. He said that he will not betray the tesserati and will remain loyal to them because he is determined to fulfil the mandate they gave him to lead the PN. He added that he will never give up.