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Adrian Delia says President’s decision on his position should be respected

Opposition and Nationalist Party Leader, Adrian Delia, said that the President’s decision on his post should be respected by those who believe in the rule of law and in respect towards the Constitution.

In a message on the Nationalist Party media, an hour after the President published his decision, Dr Delia stated that although he wished to comment on the fact that a group of Opposition MPs wanted to remove him from Opposition Leader, he remained silent with respect and cautiousness towards the posts he occupies.

“I reiterate my determination as Opposition Leader to continue to give all my energy and health with a service towards the Maltese and Gozitans and as Nationalist Party Leader towards the ‘tesserati’ who elected me in a democratic process as Party leader”, Dr Delia said.

The Opposition Leader alleged that the Government is hostage to what he called the criminal rule, including with the Electrogas and Vitals Global Health Care contracts. Dr Delia reiterated he will continue to fight corruption which he said is reigning in the country. He said today nobody won, adding that this occurred when we understand how to strengthen ourselves.

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