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African Union seeks Trump apology following ‘shitholes’ comment

The African Union, which represents 55 countries, requested that U.S. President Donald Trump to make an apology following his alleged comment that countries from where migrants are arriving in the United Stated are shitholes. The African Union’s mission in Washington expressed shock and felt offended by the comment, adding that Trump’s administration does not understand Africans.

During a Thursday meeting with legislators at the Oval Office, President Trump had expressed his frustration on migrants arriving in the country from countries, he described as shitholes, with reference to Haiti, El Salvador and African countries. He was quoted as saying he prefers more people coming from Norway, than from these countries.

His comments were immediately met with resent and condemnation by Democratic and Republican politicians, and also from around the world including the United Nations. Later on, President Trump denied in a tweet he used the language in relation to these countries, however admitted he used strong words.

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