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After a six-week lockdown, Spanish children are permitted out of doors… but not all

Since the Spanish government introduced the lockdown in the middle of March due to the pandemic, some children did not bother about being absent from school for a few days.

Six weeks later, the authorities announced that children aged under-14 years may go outside for an hour a day, between 9.00am and 9.00pm, however not far from a distance of over a kilometre from where they live.

The use of bikes and skateboards, among others, are permitted outside however public parks remain closed. The remaining lockdown restrictions will remain in place while the Spanish government is expected to announce relaxing some other measures in the middle of May.

It is estimated that some 6.3 million children are aged 14 or less in Spain. Adolescents aged 15 or more will have to stay at home.

While welcoming the government’s announcement for small children, psychologists said that an hour daily outside assists the mental health of small children. Until recently, the authorities were criticised for letting domestic pets outside, while small children couldn’t.

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