After nine weeks locked inside, he’s looking forwarding to being back on stage

Actor Mario Micallef, who recently delivered a powerful message to the elderly to stay at home because of Covid 19, has said that he feels born again now that tomorrow, after three months, the legal notice stipulating that the elderly and vulnerable should not go outside, expires. Mario told TVM that he is hoping to get the chance to return on stager. A TVM crew spoke to senior citizens who are eager to start enjoying life again.

Actor Mario Micallef has become synonymous with the Covid 19 educational campaign, with his message in which he urged senior citizens to stay home. Mr Micallef said he was glad to be was part of this campaign.

“Iv’e spent the last 9 weeks inside, and feel happy that after the sacrifice we made which was important, we can now enjoy ourselves. Still not as we were before, we have to take precautions.”

Mario Micallef, who is a much loved actor, told us that he is now hoping that the time will come when he will be able to return to the stage which is a huge part of his life. The elderly appear to be overjoyed at the prospect of leaving the houses on the eve of the withdrawal of the legal notice by which they were encouraged not to go out except for urgent requirements. In the squares we found elderly people on their doorsteps, with some saying they felt whole again.

An elderly woman who has been working in the family business in Cospicua for sixty years said that she was happy that life was returning to a new normal.

“Working and dealing with people keeps you young,keeps you looking good.”

On the advice of the Superintendent of Public Health, Professor Charmaine Gauci, while the elderly and vulnerable may go out to work, she called for them to do so cautiously, keeping their social distance, wearing masks or visors and hand washing often to maintain this new normal.