“After taking the vaccine, one’s immunity increases between 10 to 18 times more”

Virologist Dr Chris Barbara has explained that with the vaccine it is calculated that one’s immunity will increase between 10 to 18 times more than usual than when one has contracted the virus and has developed immunity in a natural way.

Dr Barbara was speaking during an interview with TVAM this morning, where he was asked if it is true that those who have had Covid-19 do not need to take the second dose of the vaccine.

He explained that those who had the virus still need to be inoculated, because studies to date show that one’s natural immunity does not last long. Asked about how long immunity lasts with the vaccine, he said that studies are still ongoing, and the vaccine might have to be tweaked over time as the virus mutates.

Asked about the virus variants, Dr Barbara said that these develop from ‘mistakes’ which the virus itself makes, which sometimes work in its favour, as happened with the UK variant which has a very high rate of transmission.

He said that the most common variants are those in the UK and Brazil. Because it is more contagious, this variant is slowly taking the place of the original virus, but he explained that if we continue to try to control the spread, it will decrease substantially.

Questioned about the variants in Malta, Dr Barbara said that a daily analysis is being carried out to analyse all the positive cases to see how many of them are variants. These statistics are still being collected.

When asked about the original rumour that the virus originated from a laboratory, Dr Barbara said that from the investigations by the World Health Organisation, it is more probable that the virus was in some kind of frozen food and skipped its species in a natural way, and thus began infecting human beings.

Watch the full interview with Dr Barbara here: