Aged 8 and has already published a recipes book – the youngest chef on ‘Sibtek’

Another edition of ‘Sibtek’ is about to start on TVM. Today’s programme will again feature stories that put on a smile on televiewers, create curiosity and emotions.

Today’s guests will include TVM sport journalist Joanna Camilleri who, among others, will talk about her great love for her son and will reveal why she cannot find her partner.

Svetlana Muscat will tell her story on bad experiences she passed through, which however strengthened her character.

The youngest chef in Malta, Gwen who at the age of 8 has already published a recipes book while Anna Azzopardi will share her projects with televiewers.

Another guest is Kim Dalli who will speak about the assistance she gives to many people during this extraordinary period.

‘Sibtek’, today at 1.15pm on TVM.