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Agreement between ‘Aġenzija Sapport’ and MEA to help those with a disability to find work

The Parliamentary Secretary for People with a Disability and Activity Ageing, Anthony Agius Decelis has announced that while there are 2,749 people with a disability employed on a full time basis, there are 215 people who are still looking for work.

He announced this while signing a Memorandum of Understanding between Aġenzija Sapport and the Malta Employers’ Association, which will give help and support to the INK project, whose aim is to provide work for people with a disability.

Mr Decelis said that the INK project which has been allocated €3 million for three years, trains 300 companies,  300 people with a disability and 300 relatives of those with a disability in order to successfully find them some form of employment.

The Director General of the Employers’. Association, Joe Farrugia said that thanks to this five-year agreement Aġenzija Sapport, will be helping companies which are members of this association who together employ around 60,000 employees, to be given training and support, so that all those seeking employment will all find a job.

Mr Joe Cini, the Chief Executive of Aġenzija Sapport said that meetings are being held with employers and they are collaborating with the MEA so that people with a disability can be trained and they can reach their aims to find suitable work which gives them the dignity they deserve.

According to the law, a company which employs more than 20 people needs to have 2% of employees who are people with a disability.

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