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Agreement on commission to end fighting in Libya

Speaking during an interview with Reuters, Libyan Prime Minister Fayes al-Serraj said that unless the international community does not exert pressure on Khalifa Haftar, the country will remain in a catastrophic situation with fighting between rival militias.

Currently, oil production in Libya is almost at a standstill after Haftar forces closed the ports.

The Libyan Prime Minister said after talks in Berlin that his government will respect the summit’s conclusions for a ceasefire agreement, and that discussions resume for a solution to the conflict according to a United Nations plan. However, he excluded meeting with Haftar.

Al-Serraj and General Haftar were both in Berlin but did not meet face to face, although they agreed through mediation to establish a military commission and work for a ceasefire agreement.

The Libyan conflict has already left thousands of persons dead and over 170,000 Libyans who left their homes.

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