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Agreement signed to create awareness about need for more women in Parliament

This morning a memorandum of understanding was signed about the project under the name of ‘Equal’ which intends to create awareness about the need for more women in Parliament. The project which includes an investment of €350,000 from the EU, was signed by the Parliamentary Secretary for Reform,  Julia Farrugia Portelli,  the University of Malta, and the confederation of women’s organisations. ‘Equal’ should led to the publication of various initiatives to see more women enter the political scene.

During a business breakfast held this morning, a discussion was held on the parliamentary reform to increase the number of women MPs, Julia Farrugia Portelli said that the reform should led to more child-care facilities in Parliament and more flexible hours. While the initiatives will help all MPs, it is women who have held back over the years from contesting a seat in Parliament.

Speaker Anglu Farrugia, who is currently also serving as acting President, said that there is a need for reform as in Parliament only 10 of the 67 MPs are women. He said that the need for more women in Parliament should be addressed because that is  how the Parliament of a modern country should be. To this end, a commission to address the lack of women in Parliament is going to be set up. He said that for the reform to be effective everyone needs to ensure that there is gender balance in every sector.

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