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Agreement to strengthen the fight against domestic violence

An agreement has been signed between the Gender and Domestic Violence Commission and the University’s Faculty for Social Wellbeing for a more focused effort in the fight against domestic violence.

Minister Owen Bonnici said that assistance will be provided on the basis of facts and research, while the Association’s Commissioner Audrey Friggieri emphasized the important of a local research so that the country will not depend on situations of other countries.

The agreement permits academics, researchers and activits to carry out research that will encourage policies to improve society and address problems of violence with awareness and education that will change the existing discriminatory culture.

Equality, Research and Innovation Minister, Owen Bonnici, said “we have to be certain that action is based on a strong and sustainable academic research, which is very good. In this way, we believe that he are giving a good support to continue with the fight against domestic and gender violence”

Gender and Domestic Violence Commissioner, Audrey Friggieri said that research has be be done on a regular basis, so that it will be relevant and people may be provided with recommendations and adequate services.

“It is important that one is aware of what is happening in today’s society because, many times, if you do not carry out regular research you will rest on old information. Our society has greatly and rapidly changed”.

The Commission will be operating from new offices in Ħal Qormi so that it may provide adequate support to persons who seek its services.