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Air Malta: More flights delays after seven pilots call in sick

Air Malta’s flight schedule continue to be irregular and ‘turbulent’. It is understood that the national airline is investigating the reasons behind the alleged illness of a number of pilots, which has again resulted in more flight delays.

Sources close to the national airline told TVM that seven pilots reported sick today resulting in a number of flight delays. Although the company tried to find substitute pilots who were not working, they all said they had other commitments and could not report to work.

Given these circumstances, today’s evening flight to Brussels will be delayed by two and a half hours. The same sources said that the frequency of sick leave is being addressed seriously. It was said that while Air Malta remains committed to protecting the health of all its employees, medical experts are being consulted to protect the interests of both the company and employees.

The latest flight delay comes after other flight delays that occurred in recent days after a number of pilots called in sick.