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Air Malta operated first flight to India

Air Malta achieved another milestone in its history when one of its aircraft flew towards India for the first time to repatriate 110 Indian citizens in Kerala during a government-paid repatriation flight.

The passenger plane left Malta on the 1st July and returned on the following day’s evening. The trip was carried out in two parts in each direction during which after almost six hours of flight, the plane landed in Dubai for refueling and continued its voyage towards Cochin Kerala in India – a flight that took some four hours.

The flight to India was carried out with a new Airbus A320neo, piloted by captain Bruce Pace together with captains Massimo Cachia and Noel Scicluna.
Crew members said they remained on the plane due to Covid restrictions and had to work in 12-hour shifts.

The Indian passengers expressed their gratitude for the Air Malta services and government arrangements for their repatriation. “Thank you, Malta Government for giving us a free flight,” Jayakrishnan Mohnana said.

In recent months, Air Malta operated some 200 repatriation flights for the Government.

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