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Air Malta paid €22 million in refunds for flights cancelled due to the pandemic

Air Malta executive chairman David Curmi revealed that the national airline paid €22 million in refunds to persons who had their flights cancelled due to the pandemic. Interviewed by Glen Falzon on TVM’s Insights programme, Mr Curmi explained why persons are still not seeing the money in their bank account.

“Information I have and which I am certain on is that in many occasions we had given the refund to the online booking platform and the latter is still processing itself the refund to the client. That is, from our part we had delays because you can imagine having 150,000 requests for refund, which you cannot process in one go. However, the situation has improved well and pending refunds are few”.

Asked about the amount of pending refunds, Mr Curmi added “very small amounts. However, we issued also 70,000 vouchers apart from the €22 million. There were persons who did not want a refund and we gave a voucher instead.”

During the programme, the Air Malta executive chairman was also asked, among others, about the airline’s financial situation and the solutions needed so that the company will not close doors.

Insights programme was transmitted on Friday at 10.30pm on Television Malta.