Air Malta pilots urged to follow cabin crew’s lead

The Minister for the Economy, Silvio Schembri, has urged Air Malta pilots to follow the cabin crew’s lead, who in his words had made great sacrifices when they accepted a new collective agreement, whereby they will be paid according to the hours work, thus preventing AirMalta from having to lay off some workers.

A new collective agreement was signed between the management of AirMalta and the cabin crew union, yesterday, after workers approved an agreement to rescind a 2016 agreement and accept a reduction in salaries to avoid redundancies.

During the signing of the agreement between the Chairman of AirMalta, Charles Mangion, and the Chairman of the Cabin Crew Union, Gordon Amato, the Minister for the Economy Silvio Schembri said that with this agreement he was cutting the so-called ties that the company had in virtue of the previous agreement, which no longer made sense in the situation that had developed due to the pandemic.

The Minister thanked the workers who understood the difficulties the company was facing as a result of loss of all revenue due to COVID-19. He said that this was not a time to see what it could gain but a time to see how the company would overcome this economic challenge that had caused many airlines to go bankrupt.

The collective agreement covers the period until the end of 2022, through which no jobs will be lost. “Instead of reducing the workforce by keeping the number of workers required to operate 3 aircraft, the workers agreed that everyone sacrifice a number of hours for everyone to stay on the company’s books and for everyone be paid for the hours they work. ”

Minister Schembri described the agreement as a step closer to championing common sense. He said that what was now required was pilots to understand the situation.

“If we manage to conclude with the pilots I am confident that we can be competitive, we can infiltrate new markets that will allow AirMalta to go for a larger number of aircraft quicker, which will translate in an increase in the hours of all workers … “said Minister Schembri.

Airmalta Chairman Charles Mangion said that from now on, performance at work would ensure pay for workers while management was committed to work to create jobs. He added that the airline was completing plans to be able to fly to other countries and to respond quickly to fluid circumstances as soon as commercial flights resume.

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