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Air Malta to provide free transport for Dan Udrea’s remains to Romania

Air Malta is to provide free transport for the remains of Dan Udrea to be taken to Romania.

This was stated by Air Malta Chairman Charles Mangion during the Dissett discussion programme.

Dan Udrea lost his life in a freak accident on Saturday morning, when a tree toppled over onto the Nissan vehicle he was driving in Notabile Road, Imriehel.

The company for whom Dan Udrea worked, his work colleagues and even clients, forked out the money needed for Dan’s funeral to be held in his home country.

Besides the funds raised by the Romanian community in Malta, the staff at Mater Dei hospital Emergency Department took the initiative for Udrea’s remains to be sent to Romania for burial. Mater Dei Chief Executive Ivan Falzon said the target figure was reached in under 12 hours, and donations will continue to be received and eventually passed on to members of his family.

Dan Udrea was described by his workmates as impeccable, a friend and someone the company could rely on.

Dissett will be broadcast on TVM at 10.10 p.m. tonight.

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