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Airshow enthusiasts go down memory lane

Every since the Malta Aviation Society announced yesterday that the airshow will not be able to take place next year, many aviation enthusiasts have taken to social media nostalgically sharing videos and photos of airshows of years gone by.

The airshow started being held in 1993 and continued every year after for 25 years. On social media, the Malta Aviation Society (MAS) said that despite worked with the Ministry of Tourism to be able to organize Airshow 2020, the show will not be held.

The MAS said that the main reason was that the Malta international airport (MIA) failed to provide adequate parking for the aircraft. It added that it was not convinced that the space it had requested was even required for the operation of the airport so much so, that from a survey carried out it resulted this was nrarely used.

While thanking Malta Air Traffic Services, MAS said it was disappointed that the Maltese government had not exerted enough pressure for MIA to provide the space necessary in order that Malta holds an airshow like other European countries.

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