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Over 50 air connections have been lost because of the pandemic

The Central Bank of Malta said the Covid-19 pandemic has left a substantial impact on air connectivity and during 2020, 50 air connections have been lost with about 70 others remaining active. It was stated that among those lot was connectivity to large centres such as Doha and Dubai. In a Policy Note, the Central Bank said that aerial connectivity has a crucial role in various economic developments, such as the tourism industry and the maintenance of aircraft.

The Central Bank emphasised that those managing policies should do their best to retain and improve the connectivity with large centres. Although the pandemic has caused the loss of significant connectivity the development anew to re-establish this connectivity will be crucial for the economy to benefit the recovery on a postpandemic global scene.

The Policy Note also analyses the level of activity of various airlines, a scene that has changed dramatically since 2005. In 2005 Air Malta was the most dominant airline operating from Malta and responsible for 57% of total passenger movements. After eleven years of operation of low-cost airlines, passenger movement using the national airline had declined to 28% by 2017.