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Alfred Sant reacts to British Government’s plan on immigration

The Head of the Labour Delegation at the European Parliament, Alfred Sant said that the UK’s tactics in the Brexit negotiations,  have reminded him of the ones which Malta used in the 1970s with the British about the use of their military bases on the island. He said that, “you begin from a position of strength and from then on you negotiate.”

In a statement issued after the plan of the British Govenrment on immigration was published, Dr Sant that it was in the interest of the EU and the UK to come to an agreement for good relations to continue between the two sides following Brexit.

It appears that immediately following Brexit, the UK’s plan is to immediately put a stop to the free movement of workers and introduce restrictions on all new workers, expect those with high-level skills.

Dr Sant said that the tone of the British proposals will harden the position of certain member states, especially those of Eastern Europe, which in the early stages were much more sympathetic towards Brexit.

He said that the two sides have a lot to lose and a lot to gain. He added that the Germans and the French should be gaining from the financial services which the British will be losing.

On whether it was feasible for the UK to restrict immigration for a transitional period and at the same time allow it to enjoy current trade benefits, Dr Sant said that right now nothing is known, because both the UK and the EU were keeping the most advantageous aspects of the agreement to themselves.

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