All’s well that end’s well – Easter Sunday celebrations, St. George, Qormi

“And I said to Jesus … don’t let me miss out on my wish to come and see you … and indeed I did!” These were the words of 86 year old Manwela, who in her lifetime has never missed a single celebration of the Risen Christ. Since her childhood she has always eagerly waited for this feast at St. George’s parish, Qormi, her hometown.

Manwela was among a large crowd that celebrated the Risen Christ on Easter Sunday morning.

The statue of the Risen Christ was well received by the crowds to the sound of applause and a cheery marching band when it was lifted along its route by statue-bearers. The crowd that had gathered in front of the church were waiting for the much anticipated moment to arrive at noon – and arrive it did.

The traditional run is not an easy time for bearers. For a moment one of them lost his step underneath the posts, but the run ended on a good note.

And on that triumphant note the statue of the Risen Christ returned to the Church and all the crowd gathered together over a meal!

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