Almost 18 million COVID-19 cases registered world-wide

The United States have reported almost 60,000 new Coronavirus cases on Saturday where, according to Johns Hopkins University, there are now 4,620,444 virus cases in the country. 1,461,885 persons have recovered while 154,447 died.

The worst situation was registered in California state. The U.S. government is facing great pressure to conclude a new agreement to rescue the economy from Covid effects, however it was reported that there are great differences between Republicans and Democrats positions.

There are currently 17,851,975 Covid-19 cases registered world-wide, with
10,558,380 persons who recovered from the virus while 685,071 died, according to Johns Hopkins University.

With a total of 2,707,877 cases, Brazil has the highest amount of cases after the United States. 93,563 persons died in Brazil. It is followed by India with a reported 1,750,723 coronavirus cases and 37,364 deaths.

Russia is in fourth place with a total of 843,890 cases and 14,034 deaths.

South Africa is the fifth country with most coronavirus cases – over half a million infected persons, while deaths reached 8,153.

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