Almost all measures will be relaxed from Friday, wearing of masks remains

The majority of Covid-19 restrictions will be relaxed from Friday, 5th June. This was announced this evening by Prime Minister Robert Abela during a Castille press conference.

He said that on the 5th June, the rest of restrictive measures will be removed, adding that these will facilitate things while observing the principle of health above all. Dr Abela said this is possible because during the past weeks, authorities made an evaluation of what was effective, and what wasn’t, to stop the pandemic.

He said that the Government will hold on to three simple mitigation measures while relaxing the other measures. These are social distancing, hygiene and hand washing, and the wearing of masks in certain places.

The Prime Minister added that new measures to stimulate the economy and business will be announced on Monday in a multi-million budget, after everyone will be able to go to work from next Friday, including vulnerable persons.

Details of the easing of measures are being given in the same conference by deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne and Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci.

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