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American Mayor faces public anger after he says gay people should be ‘killed out’

The Mayor of Alabama is being reported that on Facebook he called for gay people to be killed in a comment which was later removed. According to the TV station WBRC, in his post Mark Chambers grouped together various groups including “homosexuals”, “transvestites, what he described as “baby killers” and “socialists”.

He wrote: “We are living in a country where homosexuals teach us about morals, transvestites teach us about human biology, baby killers teach us about human rights and socialists teach us about the economy!”

The Mayor was also reported to have written that “the only way to change this is to kill the problem out. I know it is wrong but if we do not kill them out, there is no way that things will be fixed.”

The Mayor of Carbon Hill was reported as saying that his words were taken out of context before he apologised. Gay rights groups have called for his resignation.

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