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American rapper Pop Smoke murdered during robbery of his home

American rapper Pop Smoke has been killed during what seems to have been a robbery at his home.

Bashar Jackson, 20, was at his home in Hollywood,  Los Angeles when two men with their faces covered burst in and began shooting.

The rapper died in the hospital in the early hours of this morning.

A day before he was killed, Jackson posted on Instagram that he keeps cash inside a car in front of his home. In one of his stories he also listed his location. If this was not enough to invite the robbers,  his friend also posted photos of them together with the address clearly visible, while Jackson also posted photos of some bags on which his address could be clearly seen.

The singer’s career had just taken off, with one of his albums having just come out this month and topping the US charts.

Jackson was arrested in January after he allegedly stole a Rolls-Royce which he had borrowed for a music video. He had pleaded not guilty and was released on a $250,000. bail.