American student arrested for “bomb” clock asks for $15m compensation

Ahmed Mohammed, an American teenager who was arrested after his teacher thought that his home-made clock was a bomb, is asking for a compensation of  $15 million from the school and state, for the damages he suffered.

The incident happened a few months ago when Ahmed took the clock he had invented to school to show it to his teacher. When she saw the clock, the teacher thought it might be a bomb and called the police who ended up arresting the boy. The arrest took place after it was alleged that the boy had made a fake bomb. He was freed shortly after the situation was clarified.

Since then, Ahmed, aged 14, has met a number of personalities including American President Barack Obama and Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg.  Ahmed, together with his family, recently went to live in Qatar after he accepted a scholarship which was offered to him by the country’s university.

In his letter, Ahmed’s lawyer said that the teenager was asking for damages because he was a victim of threats and had remained traumatized by the experience. The lawyer was asking for $10 million from the state of Texas, and $5 million from the Irvin Independent School District, where the incident took place. Apart from this compensation he was demanding an apology. If the school does not agree with this request within 60 days, the lawyers would proceed with their lawsuit.