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An accurate ear for music and a refined craft – a musician turned violin luthier

The complete hand manufacturing and assembly of a violin requires a particular art, an impeccable ear for music and refined craftsmanship. These qualities belong to Carlo Xuereb, who during the past 15 years manufactured and restored many violins.

Once a musician, Carlo Xuereb opted for the trade on the art of building and the maintenance of violins. At an early age, he played the violin however their restoration gave him great satisfaction.

“As a luthier and a violin restorer, I used to add pieces to the instrument, sometimes connecting the F holes, tales, parts, change the violin common post cracks, especially the old ones….you have to respect the delicacy of the instrument”.

During the years, Xuereb sought to learn even from other luthiers. “Obviously as a luthier and a violin restorer, I used to study with a luthier and from there you learn the touch and simple ideas”.

Xuereb started building violins from scratch after he learned the restoration process, an art that involves particular skills and harmony between the use of tools,  developed by the craftsman himself, and the measurements to develop the sound harmony.

The luthier who builds this instrument faces another challenge – to use the best material in order to create the needed tune.

“Wood plays a major part, its base quality and the inside parts; wood used for the base bar, the wood’s size and the special setting of the violin bombatura which needs to be equal with its position. You can also play around with the tune according to the musician’s tastes”.