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Andrea Bocelli on TVM next Thursday – a special production for New Year’s Eve

Many admirers asked why international renowned tenor Andrea Bocelli was in Malta last month – the reason will be given first on Television Malta on New Year’s Eve at 9.00pm….and then on various television stations world-wide.

Bocelli participated in a music project in the form of a television special program, inspired by his latest album – ‘Believe’.

The production, which was filmed in various places in Malta consists of eight songs, with Bocelli saying that the eight number is very significant for Malta through the eight-point cross of the Knights of St John.

The Italian tenor’s visit last month was possible through an initiative of the Malta Tourism Authority, in collaboration with the Mediterranean Tourism Foundation.

“This small island is a truly special place because as it is found at the centre of the Mediterranean, it a little like the heart of the Mediterranean”.

The 50-minute production will be transmitted on various television stations world-wide, with TVM being the first to broadcast the program next Thursday at 9.00pm. The concert will be also transmitted on Andrea Bocelli’s YouTube channel, with a potential 100 million audience.

Bocelli will interpret eight songs – four filmed at St John’s Co-Cathedral and the others at Fort St Elmo, in Valletta, while various beautiful sites and places in the Maltese Islands will be featured at the beginning of the production.

In a year characterised by the pandemic, the production offers hope and Andrea Bocelli recalled that Malta is a living example of this and that we should strive on.

“Today, Malta stands as an example of rebirth and after such a troubled history as it has experienced, today it teaches us that there is always hope, that we can overcome any situation, even the most difficult that the sun always rises.”