Another call for recruits so Police Force can continue to be strengthened

Andre’ Mifsud and Kelsey Bugeja are among the 46 new recruits who have begun intensive training at the Police Academy to serve as Police constables. Others will be given a chance to apply in the call for applications which were opened this week.  During a visit to the Academy Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri said that there has been another call for recruits so that the Force can continue to be strengthened.

Kelsey Bugeja, 18, and Andre’ Mifsud, 22, are among the new recruits who have started training. 11 of the 46 recruits are women.

They told TVM that they are enjoying this experience and looking forward to completing their recruitment successfully in order to start working and carrying out their duties in the various divisions of the Police Force.

“I have always wanted to help people, I want to be stationed at a police station in order to learn and then I wish to work with domestic violence victims.”

“My father is a police officer, I have always seen  him to go to work with integrity and I want to follow in his footsteps to help Malta keep moving forward”.

During a visit to the Academy, the Home Affairs and National Security Minister Byron Camilleri appealed to the recruits to enter into into their role with enthusiasm and a willingness to bring about a positive change. He explained that right now, work is being carried out to bring about reforms in the Force and the new recruits are instrumental for this aim to be achieved.

Minister Camilleri said that the intensive training for new recruits is being carried out over a number of weeks and involves practical and theoretical training. He said this leads to the recruits being prepared for what they come across in their daily work. He urged the Police to be ambitious and to fulfil their role with the greatest commitment and loyalty.

He explained that now one can apply to be a PC even at the age of 39.  Minister Camilleri said that he is confident that more valid people will be coming forward to join the Force and address the new needs required for the fulfilment of their duties.