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Another man accused with romance fraud

Following the arraignment in Court last February of six persons in connection with alleged romance fraud, the Police resumed its investigations on this scheme.

This led to the arrest of another person by the Paola district police and the anti-money laundering squad.

Investigations showed that the victim, a 58-year old woman, began a virtual relationship with a man alleged to be a Maltese-Australian who was living in Malta but had to return to Australia.

Although the woman never personally met the man, she deposited thousands of euro in a banking account when in reality he wasn’t living in Australia but in Malta.

Having established his residence last Saturday, Police officers arrested a 26-year old man from Ivory Coast at an apartment in St Paul’s Bay.

The Police arraigned the man before Magistrate Joseph Mifsud. He was charged with involvement in a fraud scheme that led to money laundering. The man, who denied the charges, was remanded in custody.

The prosecution was led by lawyers Karl Muscat, Sean Xerri de Caro and Abigail Caruana Vella from the Attorney General’s office, together with Paola district Inspector Sarah Kathleen Zerafa and anti-economic crimes inspector Claire Borg.