Another play by Francis Ebejer to be given new life – ‘Sefora’ tomorrow on TVM

Apart from ‘L-Imnarja Żmien il-Qtil’ which Television Malta will be showing again from its archives at PBS, tomorrow another play by the same Maltese playwright will be shown, ‘Sefora’.

In comments to, Ebejer’s son, Damian Ebejer and Dr Marco Galea, a lecturer from the University of Malta said that ‘Sefora’, one of the early works by Francis Ebejer, was written as a radio play in 1953. Then, in 1986, it was turned into a TV production.

Questioned about which story the play is based on, Dr Galea and Mr Ebejer said that the main character in ‘Sefora’, Max, is a writer going through a crisis because he believes that he is seeing the ghost of a young woman who is not allowing him to live in peace. After he asks a doctor friend of his for help they end up in an institution for people with mental health problems and the identity of this young woman becomes clearer. She is a Palestinian girl whom Max met when he worked with the UN in Palestine after she was kicked out of her homeland which had been handed to Israel a few years before.

Dr Galea added that when the play was written, Ebejer had the genuine hope that the problem of the Palestinian people who ended up without a home overnight, could be solved. However, as explained by Dr Galea, almost 70 years later, the solution appears to be as far away as when the play was written.

‘Sefora’, tomorrow at 9pm on TVM.

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