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Another youth stabbed in London – number of victims so far reaches 40

Violence in Britain’s capital continues unabated, and another crime involving a youth has been reported.

An 18-year-old youth was stabbed with a knife and seriously injured in Chestnut Avenue, Forest Gate, in East London. The boy succumbed to his injuries late last night, shortly after being found at the crime scene in a pool of blood.

The Police are appealing to the public to pass on any information they might have about this crime.

An autopsy still has to be performed and the victim has still to be identified. No one has been arrested so far in connection with this  crime, which follows close on the heels of another two murders by stabbing on Sunday.

There have been 40 such deaths in London so far this year, in a wave of violence which has gripped the British capital. A number of under-age youths are involved. The authorities are concerned about young gangs in certain areas.


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