Any Police officer who reports abuse will no longer risk action being taken against him

Any Police officer who reports a colleague who is involved in abuse or of taking bribes will no longer risk action being taken against him.

This has been decided following a recommendation by GRECO which led to a change in the law so that,  in the words of Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri, there will be more transparency and accountability in the Police Force.

Up to 13 July,  any Police officer who lodged an anonymous report about internal abuse, such as fraud or corruption within the Police force, used to also risk being disciplined and action being taken against him.

However, according to the legal notice published on 14 July, the law which governs the Police has been amended and any Police officer can now report alleged abuses to the Commissioner or any other Police officer without the need to reveal personal details and without the fear of facing disciplinary proceedings.

“A person needs to feel comfortable and have all the tools to make a report against someone who is  abusing in order for action to be taken against that person,” the Minister said.

Minister Camilleri said that with this recommendation by GRECO, the Government wishes to fight against the omertà within the Force and introduce the mentality that abuses will not be tolerated.

“We are sending a very strong signal where we wish to take the Police force, to have a Force which is more transparent, more accountable and more open,  so this is one of a series of measures and decisions which will be taken in the next weeks and months.”

Minister Camilleri said that this is the first change in the Force’s policy against fraud and corruption in order to strengthen good governance within the Police Force.

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