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“Anyone linked to these shocking events should step down immediately” – Marie Louise Coleiro Preca

President Emeritus Marie Louise Coleiro Preca has penned an appeal for the Maltese to unite. Dr Coleiro Preca wrote on Facebook that in the country’s history, the people have always stood up for the values of honesty, genuineness, altruism, diligence, prudence and integrity. She added that these happenings have robbed us of our identity. Dr Coleiro Preca stated that the people are capable of regaining this confidence if they act in the country’s best interest at this critical moment.

The President Emeritus declared that anyone linked to these events, which she described as shocking, should step down immediately to allow for serenity to reign again, and for the necessary work to be taken in hand for Malta to regain its former good reputation.

“We cannot let this dangerous situation drag on, not even for one more day. This is a time when politicians should put aside their personal interests, and for a process of cure to be started immediately, under the leadership of a person with the credentials to take the country out of this crisis.”

Dr Coleiro Preca reiterated that Malta has honest politicians of integrity, adding that “it is only the few who are the black sheep.”

President Emeritus Coleiro Preca concluded that at this precarious point in time, we have to turn to the wisdom of critical thought to choose the best for Malta, and the present and future of our children.


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