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Elderly man goes to Court to change his date of birth because of Tinder

A German who is 69 has gone to Court to change his age to have a greater chance of being able to go out with somebody.

Emile Ratelband who is 69 wants to change his date of birth from 11th March, 1949 to 11th March, 1969.

He is arguing we now live in an age where one can change one’s name and one can change one’s sex but one cannot change one’s age.

The verdict is expected to be delivered in a month’s time. However, the Court is sceptical about the whole case, mainly because there is no legal mechanism that provides for a change in one’s date of birth.

Despite this, Ratelband has continued to argue he is suffering discrimination because of his date of birth because it is affecting his chances of finding employment and it is also decreasing his chances on Tinder.

He said being aged 69 has limitations whereas if he is 49 he can purchase a new house, drive different cars and have more employment opportunities.

He added that when using Tinder if he states he is 69 he remains without responses whereas if he says he is 49 it would be a different story.

He is further arguing that according to doctors although he is 69 he can pass as a 45-year-old.

If the Court accepts his case he says he would be willing to forego his pension.

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