Appeal for people not to take too many risks – Civil Protection prepared for today’s storm

In the light of today’s bad weather, the Director for Civil Protection, Emmanuel Psaila, has appealed for caution and common sense so that the members of public do not place themselves in any unnecessary danger.

When speaking during a telephone link with TVMNews+ this morning, Mr Psaila said that people should not go to areas which are at a high level and avoid places where the sea is rough or which are prone to flooding, such as valleys.

At the same time there is no need for panic and one should not ask for help from the CPD unless it is absolutely necessary. For example, if one sees trees moving, this is a natural phenomenon during a storm and one should only phone if a tree is clearly going to fall down.

He added that towards the end of summer the CPD always prepares itself for storms and therefore the department is quite ready for what might happen.