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Appeal for more women to undergo breast cancer test

An appeal was made during the launching of the Pink October campaign so that more women undergo mammogram tests in order that breast cancer is diagnosed at an early stage.

Speaking on behalf of the Marigold Foundation, Michelle Muscat today launched the 2017 campaign for more awareness of breast cancer. This is the third year since the campaign was launched, with Ms Muscat saying that breast cancer disease is now on the national agenda.

This year the campaign will be focused on education, while the funds raised including from a motorcycle pilgrimage on the 1st of October will be donated to NGOs who work in this sector.

Dr Paula Vassallo said that 33% of cancer cases of women are breast cancer, and the most affected are those aged between 50 and 69. This does not mean that this cancer does not also affect men.

Extra weight and excessive alcohol are the most contributory factors for the increase in breast cancer cases.

Dr Vassallo added that since 2009 a total of 64,000 mammogram tests were carried out, while she appealed for more women to undergo the test as the earliest the cancer is diagnosed, there is more chance of cure.