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Appeals for a more compassionate society that does not judge persons with hidden disability

The new Commissioner for Persons with Disability, Samantha Pace Gasan, appealed to society not to judge and remarked about the reality of persons who live with a hidden disabiliity. Interviewed on TVAM programme, she also appealed for more equality in society.

Commissioner Pace Gasan appealed so that society is more compassionate and does not judge persons with hidden disability.

“Sometimes we are too fast to judge…I notice this even at the place of work. There is someone who, for example, is more on sick leave because the person has a certain condition. It may be the person does not speak about it, but that is the reality because sometimes words also hurt”.

Samantha Pace Gasan has a rare condition. Two years ago, at the age of 25, she underwent a heart surgery. It was shortly established that she had marfan syndrome, which led to another surgery this year during which she had a stroke and lost sight in her right eye.

“I was in hospital…was having some tests and there was an elderly woman walking and I almost pushed her to the ground. She looked and stared at me….I really felt this. It wasn’t intentional, but I wasn’t to blame”.

The Commissioner said that she wants a more equal society that looks further than disability. “To promote and encourage those with skills. Instead, we need to address barriers, stygmas, the challenges in our society so that everyone moves forward and we will have an equal society”.

She spoke, among others, on the importance of more awarness at the place of work and more accessibility on roads, especially pavements for persons with a physical disability.