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Appeals to LGBTIQ persons to avoid visiting Paceville bar after alleged abuse on gay couple

The Malta Gay Rights Movement has appealed to the gay community in Malta to refrain from visiting a bar in Paceville after an alleged abuse on a gay couple.

MGRM was reacting to a social media post by Celine Balzan Gera who recounted how she and her female partner were abused at this bar after one of the bouncers saw them kissing each other.

The young woman recounted that when they arrived inside the bar they were requested to sit down due to Covid restrictions. She stated that one of the bouncers approached them and attempted to throw them outside after he saw them kissing each other.

“As we weren’t certain why they wanted us to leave the bar, we resisted and asked for the reason why the bouncer threw us both on the floor, started kicking us and held us on the ground”, the young woman stated while she published a photograph of the bouncer involved.

She expressed her disgust on the way they were treated, adding that on occasions she had visited the place and had never experienced such a homophobic and abusive incident, while requesting the authorities to take action.

Reacting, MGRM said a study it carried out, showed that this bar was one of the places mentioned with having the most security by LGBTIQ persons in Paceville. At this stage, the movement advised LGBTIQ persons not to visit this place until action is taken to guarantee their safety.

It  also urged LGBTIQ persons to contact the movement in case of abuses against them. MGRM also offers free legal services which may assist an individual to file his/her case with the police, it stated.