Apple TV series being shot in Malta will generate €10 million to the economy

A new TV series called Foundation has started being filmed in Malta for Apple TV.

TVM is informed that this TV production will be one of the largest ever, and is expected to generate €10 million to the Maltese economy. The filming will continue until the end of this month.

Malta will be the backdrop for this new production which will be employing 1000 people. The production will be filmed in various places around Malta and the Malta Film Studios, where large sets will be built.

Interviewed during the programme Popolin, the producer Michael Malone praised the Malta Film Commission which is doing everything possible to facilitate the filming of this series.

“Johann and his staff moved mountains for us to be able to work in this situation we’re dealing with, in terms of getting our crew in and making them feel comfortable… just incredible,” said Mr Malone.

The Commission’s commitment led the producer of the blockbuster which was filmed in Malta,  Jurassic World, Patrick Crowley, to acknowledge the measures taken by the health authorities to protect the health of the crew and the actors.

“Malta worked with us in order to adjust to COVID. The Malta Film Commission was able to give us Government assurance that we would bring our people in, our actors. I do not think there is another Government in the world that would have given us that kind of solid ambition to push forward on the movie,” said Mr Crowley.

Film Commissioner Johann Grech explained that despite the pandemic, the Film Commission has continued to attract new films while ensuring that productions which had to take place at the height of the pandemic can continue to move forward with their plans and shoot their films in Malta.

“Production on Jurassic World continued and it left millions in the country. More than 1,300 crew members and extras worked on it. There were 700 crew members alone, the majority of whom were Maltese, and 600 extras. This is the first time in our film history that Malta was not standing in for another country. Malta was Malta.”

Over the last three years, the Film Commission has attracted 42 productions towards Malta, generating €82 million to the economy.