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Applications are open for Klabb 3-16

Last year, 3,500 children between the ages of 3 and 16 were registered with Klabb 3-16.

The service given by around 600 people in 28 schools offers peace of mind and reassurance to working parents because they know that their children are in a safe place and as soon as they come to collect them, their homework will be ready.

As is the tradition following the feast of Santa Maria, summer starts winding down and many parents began preparing their children for the scholastic year which will start in less than a month.

Over the next five weeks, parents who work need to start planning and organising their schedules.

Once again, the Government is offering a service after school for children between the ages of 3 – 16, known as Klabb 3 – 16. Last year, around 3,500 children were enrolled in this after school club, which amounted to 1,300 more than the previous year.

Dermot Galea,  the Director for the Foundation of Educational Services said that it was helping more parents to go out to work.

”As a service it is offered just as school finishes at 2.30pm, so that the children can start doing their HW with the tutors and afterwards they will have various activities.”

The director said that as soon as they are collected by their parents, families will have more quality time together, because the children would have completed their homework. He aded that the service is offered at 28 different centres, one of which is in Gozo. He explained that children who do not attend the specific schools where this service is offered, can also be enrolled.

”Last year, we came to an agreement with the Education Ministry that in areas where the service is not offered, the parents just need to inform us and they can make use of school transport to take the children to the nearest school where the service is offered.”

As from Monday, the Foundation will begin welcoming applications for Klabb 3- 16 for this year, even though this year the system to apply is going to change.

”This year for the first time the parent can apply online. This is very similar to those who have applied for Skola Sajf, it is the same type of application with the difference that this year we will also be asking for documentation such as a birth certificate, and the ID cards of the parents or those who are going to be collecting the children.”

The applications will remain open until 15 September.

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