Cyrus Engerer appointed Socialist’s chief negotiator on historic LGBTIQ resolution

MEP Cyrus Engerer has been appointed Socialist and Democrat (S&D) chief negotiator on a historic resolution declaring the entire European Union a free area for LGBTIQ people.

A statement issued by the Labour Party said the resolution was being made against the backdrop of controversies in Poland and Hungary, where these countries were discriminatory, particularly against women, ‘single-parents’. and LGBTIQ families.

Engerer said that with this resolution the European Parliament was sending a clear and strong message that LGBTIQ people were not an ideology. “We are people with fundamental rights and no one, not even a Member State of the European Union, can deprive us of these rights.

He added that the European institutions could not continue to turn a blind eye to the way LGBTIQ people were being treated by EPP Prime Minister Victor Orban in Hungary and the Polish PiS Government.

Mr Engerer concluded by saying that it was an honor and a privilege to be chosen by the Socialists for this historic work, three months after he was elected to the European Parliament. “What we have done in Malta in recent years must now be extended to the rest of the European Union.