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Appreciation of Baroque architectural heritage in Malta to be discussed during symposium

A symposium which will be meeting in Malta in a few days, organised by the International Institute of Baroque Studies at the University of Malta together with the Friends of the Manoel Theatre, will be discussing the priceless architecture which Malta inherited from the Knights as a prelude to the International Baroque Festival which starts on Friday.

The Baroque era in Malta left a rich, historical legacy of one of the most creative periods during the time of the Knights of St John; a period during which architecture, music and art flourished.

The director of the Institute, Prof Dennis De Lucca said that this heritage will be evaluated during the upcoming symposium.

He said that Baroque architecture has its roots in the 17th century, with architectural examples such as the construction of the Wignacourt aqueduct. The Baroque era continued to flourish and reached its peak in the 18th century when the Baroque structures of the Auberge de Castille and the Manoel Theatre were built, along with other examples which embellish Valletta.

Prof De Lucca said that there was also a direct association between the cultural spectacle of the Baroque age and the public’s entertainment.

‘There were occasions when whole towns used to put up shows to celebrate something, such as the birth of a prince or the death of someone important, and there were many spectacles which used to be celebrations of important events held during the Baroque period.”

He added that the main political system which dominated the Baroque period was linked with the power and privilege of members of the aristocracy who used to use culture as a means to distance themselves from the rest of the population.

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