Follow process to be used for Church Schools’ Sixth Form entry based on academic merit

Entry into Church schools’ Sixth Form for the coming 2020/2021 scholastic year will be based on the same principles as past years despite the difficulties created by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Sixth Forms of Kulleġġ De La Salle and Kulleġġ San Alwiġi worked closely together with the Secretariat for Catholic Education to ensure basic conformity to fill the limited number of positions available.

As in past years the criteria will be based on academic merits, as in previous years.

However, because of the current circumstances the system cannot be based as usual on the results of standard ĊES examinations as these had to be postponed in May. Following lengthy deliberations between a team of experts a system has been adopted that will ensure choice based on justice and transparency.

The Curia said the process to be used is based on these main principles:

1. Once the applicants could not sit for ĊES or IGCSE exams in April/May 2020, verified results of school mock exams will be considered. These are results sent by schools of applicants who sat for MATSEC as part of a calibration used in the MATSEC process.

2. In the case of schools where mock exams in one or some subjects could not be held because of the closure of schools, a mark will be considered as assigned through the SSC&P (Secondary School Certificate and Profile) on condition that applicants achieved Level 3 QMK in the subject.

3. Before applying for Sixth Form entry into Kulleġġ De La Salle and Kulleġġ San Alwiġi, applicants have to apply in July for what is known as the Assessment Statement for Entry into Church Sixth Forms.

4. This assessment declaration will be issued for each applicant by the Segretarjat għall-Edukazzjoni Kattolika together with the two Sixth Form schools. This is to include (i) a list of subjects undertaken by each applicant in school mock exams and (ii) bands will be assigned in each subject level in papers 2A and 2B according to verified results sent by schools to MATSEC. A subject level for paper 2A will be assigned according to band A, band B, band Ċ or band D1, while for every subject in paper 2B will be assigned band D2.

5. The bands will correspond to average percentages gained at every level in ĊES during 2017, 2018 and 2019 (based on MATSEC statistical reports) on every subject in every sector, that is, State Schools, Church Schools, Independent Schools and Gozitan Schools.

6. Band A will be assigned as the highest percentage for all students in each school according to the average percentage of Grade 1 achieved in each subject that is relative to the different schools. In the same manner, Band B will correspond to Grade 2 and Band C to Grade 3 while Band D1 will apply to all other grades, for students that have achieved Level 3 QMK.

7. Specific provisions have been made for subjects where only a limited number of students took ĊES exams as well as VET subjects.

8. A band will not be assigned for those subjects if the student was absent for mock exams held in schools.

The application process will consist of two phases

The First Phase: Applicants interested in applying to Kulleġġ De La Salle and/or Kulleġġ San Alwiġi have to obtain an Assessment Statement for Entry into Church Sixth Forms to be able to apply for the Second Phase in August.

Students have to apply for this declaration through the link or from 00:00 6th July and 23:59 of 10th July and the payment of €5. Late applications for the declaration may also be sent between 00:00 of 16th July 23:59 of 17th July, on payment of €10.

The declaration will be sent before the Second Phase and will be used by students when applying for this Phase.

The Second Phase: This will take place in August. Applicants will fill and submit an online application to Kulleġġ De La Salle and/or San Alwiġi. In the case of Sixth Form De La Salle on this link and in the case of Sixth Form San Alwiġi on this link

Further application dates and other measures may be obtained from the websites of the two colleges, together with detailed explanations of the process to be used this year, as well as details of rules and relevant regulations.

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