‘Aqrali Xuftejja’ and ‘What’s in the Box’ once again on Serataron tonight!

The popular ‘Aqrali Xuftejja’ (Read my Lips) game, which guarantees laughs all round, will once again feature in this week’s Serataron. Ron and Jacqui Losco will be joined by Martin Sapiano, actress Lara Azzopardi and singer Marilena Gauci, and there will also be a special guest who will be taking part in this game.

This is expected to be yet another great programme, as it will also include ‘What’s In the Box?’, in which guests place their hands inside a mysterious box and have to guess what’s inside. Which can also include ‘live’ objects!! And it seems Ron is in for a huge surprise. One wonders why…

As always, the programme is enhanced with live music from the resident band The Ronnies and their guests.

A programme for all the family, and an excellent start to the weekend. All this tonight at 8.50 p.m. on TVM. Serataron – your only choice!