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WATCH: Behind-the-scenes preparations for the Senglea Good Friday procession

Good Friday processions were held by a number of churches. TVM visited the Collegiate Basilica in Senglea to experience the behind-the-scenes preparations before the staging of one of the oldest processions held on Good Friday, attended by hundreds of people.

At the end of today’s commemorative functions, the church closed its doors to the public to prepare the staging of the procession.

Those who carry the statues removed the benches, stationed themselves next to their charges and carried out the statues in procession to commemorate the sequence of the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ. The Chairman of the Good Friday procession, Rennie Schembri, said the procession involves at least 280 volunteers that include the carriers of statues, those wearing the costumes of Roman soldiers and those emulating biblical persons.

Denis Desira, who has been a participant in the carrying of the statue of the Redeemer for the last 13 years, said the rises and falls in the terrain of the area make things that much more difficult.

Hours beforehand the females involved don their make-up and arrange their hair styles according to their part in the procession. Child participants are not deterred by the long road the procession takes.

Archpriest Fr Robin Camilleri said this is a procession of mysteries. Records show the first procession from the Senglea Basilica was held in 1714 and as was the custom in those days the procession used to take place on Maundy Thursday.

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