WATCH: ‘Ġorġ tal-Mużew’ given a final farewell

A final farewell was today given to Ġorġ Agius, better known as ‘Ġorġ tal-Mużew’, who died two days ago aged 94.

His funeral was held this afternoon at the St Lawrence Collegiate Church in Vittoriosa and the church was packed with mourners with some confined outdoors because of Covid restrictions.

Although he was known as ‘Ġorġ tal-Mużew’, he was not actually a member of the holy MUSEUM society but was in the Xirka tal-Isem Imqaddes t’Alla tal-Provincja Dumnikana, the Community in the Holy Name of God of the Dominican Province.

On social media the Community said that Ġorġ committed himself to visit clubs and bars to spread God’s message while praising God with his rhythmic impromptu phrases.

For many years too he provided solace and hope to those recovering in hospitals and many of them remember him for his prayers which he also recited on public transport.

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