WATCH: Drink three jugs of juice and win

The owner of a shop in Egypt that sells juices has just launched a new idea of attracting clients capable of drinking 12 litres of a popular juice made from sugar cane. He has launched this as part of a promotional campaign to popularise his outlet.

The winner receives a prize of €5 but losers have to pay that amount of money. The challenge was launched to create a team of three persons to enable them to win a voucher that entitles them to free juices for the following six months. However, to achieve this they have to drink three large jars filled with juice.

The outlet ‘Al-Bardisi Juice’ became a magnet for clients who flocked to compete. The shop was originally opened in 1959 and became popular four years ago when university graduates organised the challenge to attract clients.

Sugar cane juice is a highly popular drink in Egypt sold in many small shops. Egyptians consume about three million tons of sugar annually but the country only produced two million tons annually and the difference has to be imported by the Government and private entities.

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